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Cuisines of Ratlam

The cuisine of Ratlam has evolved since ages. The dishes can be traced back to some history and have evolved over the years. The cuisines of Ratlam contains elements of Gujarati, Rajasthani and Maharashtrian cuisine. Apart from some minor alterations, the rich taste is still preserved in the domestic kitchens of Ratlam. The people of Ratlam are expert in the preparations of wide variety of dishes. A typical Ratlami meal includes, chapaati(Indian bread), rice, curry, vegetables, daal(pulses) and sweets. The mode of preparation of these items is slightly different from other Indian cities and therefore has a typical taste. Dal Baati is one of the very famous cuisine of the region.

Foods in Ratlam

Apart from staple foods, Ratlam people are expert in the preparation of multitude of fast foods, snacks and street foods. Poha is popular variety made of rice flakes and usually preferred in breakfast. Dal bafla forms a popular meal in Ratlam. It is made of grilled and steamed wheat and ghee (butter) is poured over it . It is then eaten with ladoos(Indian sweet balls). The general taste of people undergoes minor changes as per seasons and availability of vegetables. Ratlam food is moderately spicy and is delightful for tourists as it offers a wide range to choose from.

People consume both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes depending on cultural background. Primarily, the specialties and culinary delicacies of Ratlam are constituted by vegetarian foods. Unlike Bhopal which has rich flavors of non vegetarian dishes, Ratlam cardinally enjoys vegetarian dishes. Food of Ratlam and Madhya Pradesh in general draws essence from Rajasthan and Gujrat.

Traditional Ratlami Cuisine

Traditional Ratlami cuisine is inspired by Guajarati, Rajasthani, and Marathi food. Jowar is the main staple food in the region which is being primarily used in most of the food preparations. Due to dry climate most of the locals relies on pulses and pickles rather than green vegetables. Bhutta ri kees is one of their traditional preparation that is made using corn and milk. A sweet cake like tapu is very often prepared in local households in Ratlam during festive seasons. Other tradition foods that are quite popular in the region include Chakki ri Shaag and amli ri kadhi which is eaten as main course with rice or chapatti.

Snacks of Ratlam

Cuisines of Ratlam

There’s perhaps no Indian city which does not have a snacks of its own ! Ratlam is no exception and is known for the Ratlami Sev. It’s the most famous snacks of Ratlam that has become like its mascot. People from around across the region and nearby areas visit Ratlam to buy Ratlami Sev which is known for its unique taste. It is fried and crispy and the prime ingredients are gram flour, cloves and a blend of spices. It is typically different from other varieties of India as its thicker and contains natural ingradients. Sellers of Ratlami sev range from big shops to the street stalls, all of them selling the snacks in its true flavor. Many local sellers sends Ratlami Sev to other parts of India.

Fast food in Ratlam

With increasing youth population in the city, Ratlam has become a hot spot for fast food companies in the region. Today you can find many populat fast food restaurant in Ratlam. From tasty burgers to Chinese, toasties, desserts, cookies, beverages etc.you can enjoy all and more. You can visit these local fast food reataurants to enjoy appetizing delicacy. These eatery outlets counts amongst the popular hangout places in Ratlam. In the city you can spend some quality time with their families while munching. Some of the food joints where you can taste fast foods are mentioned below.

Street food in Ratlam

Ratlam Street foods

Local markets are flooded with street food stalls that sell a variety of snacks. Ratlam people savor on chaats and paani puri dishes. Agra Chaat house, Balaji chaat, Shree Ganesh Chaat center, Sawariya Chaat House and many others are famous for their popular snacks and other items. Roadside Stalls also sell poha as a breakfast consumed by masses.Street foods in Bhopal consist of variety of cuisisnes ranging from snacks to sweets, curd, spices and rice. Street foods in Ratlam are the foodie junction for most of the travelers and locals who enjoy eating fast food which is quite affordable. You can treat your taste buds with variety of fast foods or even king size meals at these street food junctions.

Sweets of Ratlam

Ratlam has numerous sweet shops, both large and small that sell a variety of popular desserts. People enjoy barfi and other sweet delicacies. Ladoos and jalebis are popular everyday sweets. Jalebis are also eaten during breakfast along with poha. The famous ones are Apna Sweets, Sneh Sweets and a few others. Some of the sweet shops in the city where you can enjoy the taste of famous sweets are mentioned below.

Balaji and Namkeen Bhandar
Address: Ratlam, New Road, Ratlam HO, Ratlam - 457001
Phone: 917412457001

Jalaram Sweets
Address: Do Batti, Ratlam - 457001
Phone: 919907666997

Gelda Namkeen And Sweets
Address: Daulat Ganj, Ratlam - 457001
Phone: 919770292222

Restaurants in Ratlam

Being amongst one of the unique tourist destination Ratlam caters both vegetarian and non vegetarian meals at restaurants in the city. From traditional food to popular fast foods you can found and relish all. The restaurants in Ratlam offer variety of tasty foods to locals and travelers. The next time you visit Ratlam do not forget to taste the sensational and mouth watering cuisines of Ratlam.

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