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Healthcare Services in Ratlam

Ratlam is one of the emerging cities situated in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh. The city is actively contributing in revenue generation for the state with commercial and economic activities. According to last census report on 2011 the total population of the region is almost two million. With the increasing population the demand for better health facilities are also increasing. Although Ratlam is not a metropolitan city but it is able to meet the health care need of the residents with the help of an elaborate health care facilities provided by private hospitals as well as the government health clinics. Health has always been an issue of prime importance as it is said that in a healthy body is chamber of healthy soul. Thus to provide immediate relief to suffering patient the state government has launched several projects aiming to provide health care facility to the residents.

Health Care Infrastructure in Ratlam

Health Care Services in Ratlam
Ratlam is a modern city and is equipped with all health care facilities for emergencies and ailment purposes. The city has adequate number of Government funded hospitals and Private hospitals or Nursing homes. The city has witnessed a significant growth in recent times. Further there are numerous dental clinics and doctors in Ratlam carrying out specific medical care services in Ratlam. Administration has prioritized the issue health care and sanitary. Ratlam Hospital & Research Center, District Hospital, Civil Hospital are some of the prominent hospitals in the city. Patients from across the region flock to these hospitals and other private nursing homes to get relief from various ailments.

Government Health Care Services

The city has few government funded hospitals. The major hospital of Ratlam city is Ratlam Hospital & Research Center. This hospital is equipped with advanced medical technologies. Many qualified doctors often pay visit to the hospital from other places of Madhya Pradesh. District Hospital and Civil Hospital rae other famous hospitals in Ratlam. Apart from that the city has a dedicated hospital for the Railway employees . The Railway hospital is also modern and can handle many patients at one time.

Health Care Services in Ratlam

The District Civil Hospital in Ratlam is fully Government hospital. The Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) of the hospital is well capable of handling pressure. The availability of Doctors and Nurses in the hospital are satisfactory. There is a Municipality hospital to serve the citizens better.With the increase in population of the city the need of Government hospitals has increased. There are various plans and proposals to improve the health infrastructure in the city by setting up new hospitals.

Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes

The city of Ratlam in recent year has witnessed influx of people. Thanks to its ever growing nature which has attracted investors from far and wide. With increasing population the urge for better health facility has led to the establishment of many private hospitals and nursing homes in Ratlam. All the private hospitals and nursing homes in Ratlam are equipped to handle any emergency situation with ease. They have all the hi-tech medical devices and operate under the guidance of qualified doctors and trained nurses ensuring better care and hospitality.CHL Jain Diwakar Hospital, Agarwal Nursing Home, Astha Hospital, Maheshwari Hospitals, and many other are doing an exceptional job in ensuring better health care services in the city. Many new and modern hospitals are under construction leaving scope for robust health facility in Ratlam .

Ayurveda in Ratlam

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian methodology of treatment. This is a world famous branch Ayurvedic medicine are used to cure ailments. Ratlam has number of Ayurvedic centers which equally contribute to the growing medical facilities of the city. The city is itself an old city and has plenty of Natural resources. This makes the Ayurvedic treatment a very convenient option in the city. Patanjali Chikitsyalaya is one of the major Ayurvedic center in Ratlam with its centers spread in other parts of the region. Apart from it, there are many other Ayurvedic centers present in the city.

Homeopathy in Ratlam

Homeopathy is a German treatment methodology which claims zero side effects. The medicines are very popular in Ratlam and are a great pillar of health care system in the city. Ratlam has a dedicated Medical College and Medical Hospital for Homeopathy. The District Medical College and Hospital for Homeopathy is a very important part of health system and it treats many chronic and old diseases.

Medical Stores in Ratlam

Apart from all the hospitals, there are plenty medical stores in the city. The development of the modern Ratlam has resulted in the increased number of such facilities. The dedicated medical shops ensure that all patients get medicines on emergency and on other times. Few of the shops even remain open at night. The 24x7 service of Ratlam health care is helpful and assisting for the people in the city.

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