Cactus Garden in Ratlam

Ratlam is dotted with several historic, devotional and religious places that attract thousands of tourists every year. Apart from these archeological monuments, Ratlam has many things to offer to the Cactus Garden Ratlamtravelers. The Cactus Garden in the city counts amongst one of the most visited spot in the city. The garden is surrounded by lush green trees and well carved flower beds. The wonderfully manicured lawn makes the place ideal for picnic and get together.

The cactus garden is located on the Ratlam- Banswara Highway and is 21 km away from the main city. This garden is one of the largest cactus gardens in Asia. The garden has a collection of around 1200 different spices of cactus, out of which around 50 species are Indian. The rare species of Aloe Speciosa, and Aloe Ferox plant can be seen in the garden. These exotic species are cultivated with great care in the garden. The park is also bestowed with natural scenery and water sources. Generally during the winter season the succulent plants blooms with flowers of various colors and shapes.Thus the influx of visitors is higher in winter season as compared to other seasons.

Main Features of Cactus Garden

The cactus garden has become a hub spot for tourists, educationalist, botanist etc. because of the exquisite types of species present in the garden. This garden in Sailana is almost 50 years old and is consist of popular cactus species like bulb shaped cactus, snake shaped cactus, peacock feather cactus etc. The famous cactus garden is spread over 7 acre of land and has ruins of old sculptures which increases the beauty of the place.

Cactus Garden in Ratlam is Known for:

  • Collection of rare species of cactus especially from USA
  • Rare collection of exotic species like Pachypodium plant
  • Collection of special species cactus from Australia
  • Collection of Asiatic cactus species
  • Elongated and thick cactus plant commonly called as Saguaro Cactus of Arizona with 30 to 40 feet of height
The cactus with Mammillaria species has around 200 plants in the vicinity. Many of these cacti are almost 20 to 30 years old. Some of them carry special medicinal properties with natural healing traits. Most of the plants are from Aloe species that are cultivated by the botanist and were used in medicines. The lawn was decorated with low grown colorful cactus especially from the species like Astrophytum, Notocacti and Marmmillaria. The garden is amazingly embellished with cactus bonsai collection that enhances the beauty of the garden premise.Here both succulent and non succulent plants were displayed for the visitors with the brief information about them.

How to Reach Cactus Garden ?

The cactus garden is located on the Ratlam-Banswara highway which is approximately 21 km away from the heart of the city. The city of Ratlam is well connected with the highway and visitors can easily reach the destination via buses or private autos. The nearest airport is Indore thus one can reach Indore via flight and then can reach Ratlam by state run buses or car. Visitors from outside the state can reach the destination by rail also. The garden is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. Thus the next time when you plan to visit Ratlam, do not forget to visit this popular site of Ratlam.

Address: Cactus Garden, Sailana , Ratlam 457550
Nearest Airport:Indore, Distance - 157km
Nearest Railway: Ratlam Junction, Distance – 23km
Nearest City: Ratlam, Distance – 21kms

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